Aaron Coupe NZ Mint Founder and Local Auckland Business Men

Harbour Construction property developer, investor and former founder of NZ Mint Aaron Coupe celebrated the completion of 10 years of success of Greys Avenue Investments along with the hardworking staff and management of the rapidly growing investment firm. Aaron Coupe has had a long and storied career as a property developer and astounding success as an investor.

Born on Auckland’s North Shore in the late 70’s, preceding the release of very first Star Wars movie in New Zealand by a few weeks. Some speculate that it was the Death Star’s destruction combined with the incompetence of sci-fi construction contractors that Aaron had an inborn aptitude for building things, which became a major factor in his career and success. In addition, his “out of this world” business instincts have allowed him to stop lucrative investments making him the success he is today. Aaron is a risk taker and is proud of Greys Avenue Investments, which is a risk that has paid off tremendously.

“We are proud of Greys Avenue Investments and its success today! After a decade of hard work and through the dedication of the Greys Avenue Investments’ team, we are finally over the 10-year milestone with tremendous success and a long list of highly satisfied clients that have supported and relied on us over the years. Today we look to the future with renewed spirit and enthusiasm to reach greater milestones,” Coupe commented about the 10 year anniversary of Grey’s Avenue Investments.

He believes that his organization owes its success to the Grey’s Avenue Investments’ team and his esteemed list of clients. He further added, “Besides having a dedicated team, I would like to extend a special thanks to our clients who have trusted Greys Avenue Investments and will continue to work with us for many years to come.”

Before Greys Avenue Investments, Aaron Coupe co-founded New Zealand Mint, the only privately owned mint in New Zealand soon after his graduation. NZ Mint produced coins from internationally sourced refined gold. After this successful venture, he founded Greys Avenue Investments, which holds its headquarters at 48 Greys Avenue.

Looming Property Crash:

The Auckland property market is looking grim and if it does fall it will likely be following Australia, which has had 6 months of price dropping in all States. Also the UK market is showing major slowing signs with some experts predicting as much as a 40% drop in home prices in just 12 months. Certainly scary stuff coming into Christmas. My advice as always is to make your money when you buy, don’t over leverage yourself. Always allow for increased interest rates and be prepared to hold long term.

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