Why this digital marketing expert says SEO is dead

by Leon Sanchez
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SEO has been a popular marketing technique for over 20 years in marketing plans. But it’s time we call it in the interest both of firms, advertisers and SEO practitioners. SEO is dead. SEO is dead.

It is not a point that I make lightly as a digital marketer, who has run two marketing businesses providing SEO services.


Look at the hard reality of the cold SEO.


1. Supreme confusion prevails

Everyone on the planet gives you a different answer if you ask them what the SEO is. When you pay anyone to make SEO, all of them do various things without a specific mandate.


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Most consumers don’t know what good SEO and bad is, and almost every customer has a sense of general discomfort. READ: ‘Mirrors and smoke’


They fix you, doctors.

They make cool things, engineers.

They design things, architects.

They instal solar panels, solar installers.

SEO experts, the response of most people is ‘no idea what they do.’

This feeling of uncertainty occurs in no other sector on the planet and it pushes both companies and agencies to deplorable actions.


2. SEO faces why Google is available

When the meaning of the method is broken down, “doing SEO” really goes against what Google wants to do.


It’s the mission of the search engine to identify world knowledge to show you the most pertinent, authentic, expert website first and so on, when you type something into the search box.


SEO tries to bypass the mechanism in order to put Google in high regard. This is at the cost of long-term outcomes.


But now is the time to update.


Let ‘s make you the authoritative, appropriate, expert or person you are, and stop trying to bypass a system that improves by the day.

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3. Norms not.

In this sector, there are no norms. Nothing. Nothing.


This is because nobody even knows what’s going on in the deep spices and herbs of Google. So you end up with a few sharks that don’t give any added value and take people away.


Much of this happens when the good decent citizens who know their skills are lumped into the same ships.


Malcolm Gladwell was undoubtedly interested in something when he said that ten thousand hours of experience are required to become a true expert.

Yet you have three-month experience with ‘SEO’ experts who tell how they can improve your profits. It’s not cool. It’s not.


4. SEO just cleanses the mess, errors and laziness of other people.

This will hurt most of all. SEO exists ultimately because others did not do their business properly.


All the SEO tasks I have ever seen must be completed as other people do not do their job properly.


Although this is something relatively new over the last 3 to 5 years, as the Google algorithm evolves and improves, today SEOs just clean up mess and mistakes of other people.


On-site jobs, for instance.


Either the web developer failed (which is all too normal in sitemaps, robots, load speed, connexions, etc.) or the content was not well created and uploaded, so you need to take the socks from your marketing and communication station.


Construction of backlinks?


No, you don’t have backlinks to create! The key business directories are marketable for your business.


It is important that you enter and become involved in your company (and the respective websites), socialise and connect with the target audience on social media.


The local soccer / netball / chess team must be funded.


No backlinks need to be created. To boost marketing and digital PR you need a good marketing guy.


Concentrate on ten keywords?


No, you don’t have to concentrate on ’10’ buttons. You must be acquainted with your target audience. Know what information they are looking for online and answer all questions they can ask to add to your site so much value that you are impressed with their socks (and that’s your role in marketing).


You have to sell great content.


SEO becomes obsolete if you embrace the right ones to do the right job (and pay them well).

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5. SEO is marketing of lazy individuals (and the answer of lazy agencies)

As most corporations do not realise this (mainly since the industry produced too many smoke and mirrors), here’s the frequently occurring chain of events.


Corporate owners throw their hands and scream, ‘It is too difficult, can’t I pay anyone for me? SEO cowboys are coming with them saying, ‘I’m certainly going to take your money.

Externalize it to me, and I’m going to make the problem vanish. Google, promised, I will get you on page one! Confide in me. I am an expert. “I am an expert. And then, it is outsourced and results and value are required to be delivered.

Most SEO cowboys assume that the results can be obtained by by bypassing the device (see point 2 above).

But good marketing doesn’t, and it definitely doesn’t work well. In the end, because you have not proven that you are an authority in your field, you are no expert, you don’t add value to anyone, and you can’t expect Google to reward you for having done lazy marketing, you’re not earned the right to do good organic search.

Don’t get me wrong now, please.

Some good SEO people are definitely doing good work there, but I know that they are few and far apart. 6.


No access barriers There are no entry barriers that allow anybody to do SEO.

I saw an ad on Facebook advertisement to take someone from ‘nil to SEO hero’ in 90 days and make $150k a year.


This is not cool. This is not cool! No one is doing well and it just digs a deeper pit to get out of the business.


Digital marketing is a tough game of actual know-how.


You can’t master it in 3 months and become a ‘expert.’ Much like anything else, it takes 10,000 hours for it to be very successful. 7.


‘To do SEO’ does not work, actually All data show that ‘doing SEO’ does not work after searching for over 1000 companies.

It doesn’t work in solitary confinement. It doesn’t work if you pay anyone $2,000 a month to make the ‘SEO, including four blog posts.


The results you want are not going to get you. SEO doesn’t operate through making a mediocre website, outsourcing the material, treating digital marketing as an after-consideration, reaching or missing approach.


SEO is a component which will not work, if you do not work the rest of your marketing.


SEO works only if the whole marketing works as well, if the amount of the parts is larger than the total.


You always bring value to your target market as you know your target audience intimately. If your feedback is so strong that your whole company works like a dream. I know what the SEO’s going to say.


‘A little word on a list, what about it?


And low density of keywords? “It is important to repair the broken ties.” ‘There’s already so much backlinking.’

‘With a word count of 1200 per page, we must produce content.’

Well, let me say something to you: Google doesn’t care about that!

This is the work of Google:

Analyze your company with your competitors;


Decide may is more essential than others;


Decide may one would better engage the audience;

Decide which one is more empowered;

determine the branches of industry one contributes and adds;

determine can one would better serve the local community;

Decide which one better market your business.

Are you aware of what matters to Google?

What company better markets the company.

Google analyses this, which is just how you can rate compared with your rivals.


It’s focused on your commercialization.


In the end, SEO results depend on how better you market your company than your rivals. So how do you better market your company?


Now that’s a big issue, and I’m happy you asked that one.


For you I have the perfect reply: the person who gives the highest value wins!


Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing more. Your mission is to give your target group, your industry, your employees and your customers the greatest possible profit.


You must support, teach, create, direct, manage and Google will therefore reward you.


Word of alert: what meaning is not specified. Word of warning.


This is your preference for your customers.

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