Would You Rather Pay $2,500 Or $0 To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Sites?

by Leon Sanchez
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So, you are interested in driving website traffic, right?

But think about it. Would you rather pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to generate targeted traffic?

Wouldn’t it be a good thing if you could really do that for FREE?

Truth is, you can drive volumes of targeted traffic to your sites with just an initial investment of time and the right knowledge.

Drive Targeted Traffic from the Search Engines

Search engine traffic has, over the years, been scientifically proven to be the best form of website traffic. This is because traffic from search engines is people who found you when they used the search engines to look for information that is related to what you are offering.

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Most times, these people are in buying mood and only desire to make some educated research before committing to any deal! When this is the case, you can be sure of generating yet another customer.

Good news is even when they did not buy right then, they could end up joining your email list – a great way of opening up a valuable relationship with you!

But then,

Search Engine Traffic Could Be Paid Or Free!

Now, you must understand that search engine traffic could either be paid or organic (free).

Paid search engine traffic includes pay per click (PPC) programs like Adwords from Google. Programs like these require you to pay a predetermined amount every time someone clicks on your links.

Of course, because you have invested a certain amount, your ads are placed on top or by the side of the search engine report pages (SERPs). With Google, you also have the opportunity of being featured on websites that run the Google Adsense program.

Organic local search traffic on the other hand is free traffic. This traffic comes from your placement on the SERPS not because you have paid for it but because the search engines checking your indexed pages with a searchers input decides that your page is relevant to the requested search and then lists your webpage as a possible solution to the searchers quest!

For you to drive this type of traffic a searcher needs to see your webpage in the SERPs and consider it fit for what she is looking for and then clicks on your link to visit your site.

Of course, you will need to invest in search engine optimization ( SEO) – a strategic website marketing tactic that involves designing your website and creating your website content in such a way that will entice the search engines helping them to better rank your webpages – if you want to get this type of search engine traffic!

Now we are not going to go into details on how you can do that here. But suffix it to say that you are better placed to drive this type of traffic if your web pages appear on the first page of the SERPs.

So now, to our question again,

Would you rather pay to drive search engine traffic to your sites or you prefer getting it for free?

Of course, your choice may depend on what you have in mind at the time. However, to help you make an educated decision, let’s compare the two.

Paid Search Traffic – Advantages

1. Get On Top of The SERPs, Easily – A prominent position that gives you a leverage.

2. Drive A Quick Bust Of Traffic – Paid search engine traffic gives you a quick way of pulling in the right type of traffic in the shortest possible time. This is really great if you are testing a new market, product or service.

3. Pre-Qualified Traffic – As we have mentioned in the introduction everyone that finds you on the search engines is self-qualified. These are actually doing the searching/looking themselves. Because they are pre-qualified, they tend to convert better.

Paid Traffic – Fails

1. Could Be Really Pricey – You only generate traffic as long as you are paying and over time this could be pricey considering what is happening in the pay per click (PPC) market today.

2. Ad Blindness – Latest reports indicate that many people would readily click on links in the SERPs rather than on a paid ad even when it is prominently placed at the top of the page! This is because more and more people now understand that those pages are only there because someone paid for it and not because it could really be the best option among the pages displayed.

This means therefore, if your web page is well optimized and gets into the first page of the SERPs, it has more chances of being clicked than a sponsored ad on top of the page.

3. Platform limitation – When you are using paid tactics like PPC to drive search engine traffic you’re limited to the platform you are using. For example, if you’re using Google Adwords, you can only drive traffic from the Google search engine. This is unlike organic search engine traffic where your optimized content can be indexed in all the search engines giving you the opportunity to drive traffic from any of these platforms.

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Free (SEO) Search Traffic – Advantages

1. Audience Reach – As mentioned above, search engine optimization helps you to drive traffic from all the search engines unlike paid search where you are limited to only the platform on which you bought your ads. Though most of what is done in the area of SEO is actually focused on Google search but because nearly all the search engines work the same, seeing good results from the major search engines like MSN, Yahoo and Google with your SEO investment is not unlikely.

2. Pre-Qualified Traffic – Just like paid traffic sources, free organic search traffic is also pre-qualified. They are the ones doing the searching/looking. Considering the fact that you are getting this for free this makes it really beneficially.

3. Non-Stop FREE Traffic – A once investment in good SEO is enough to drive traffic for years to come. No matter the volume of traffic in a day, weeks, months or even years you don’t have to pay a dime unlike paid search that stops when you stop paying. Free is free forever and it is non-stop!

4. Improved Brand Credibility/Trust – When you invest in SEO and your webpages are listed high in the search engines like Google, it gives your business more credibility because of the trust people have on the results that Google delivers. Of course, such trust will definitely work wonders for your business!

5. Your Size Doesn’t Matter – In business we do know that the biggest fishes have all the money to reach the right customers through expensive traditional media. But this is not so with SEO. An investment in search engine optimization gives you the opportunity to compete on the same level with the big fishes!

6. Better ROI (Return on Investment) – Research has shown that visitors from a paid ad convert at 2% while visitors from SEO convert at 4%! This shows clearly that SEO gives a better return on investment than paid traffic sources like PPC.

7. Hassle-Free Traffic Generation – With PPC, there is the tendency to keep on tracking results everyday. Add keywords that are converting, remove keywords that are not converting so well, check Ad copies to keep up with quality score and other factors, etc. All of these because not doing this will cause you losing money. However, with SEO, you don’t have to keep your eyes opened all time. Maintain rankings and you can spend your time on other things!


From the above comparison between paid and free search engine traffic it is clear that dollar for dollar, an investment in search engine optimization cannot be compared with paid traffic sources. You will do your business great good therefore if you will investment more in search engine optimization.

One good way of taking advantage of these good points of SEO is by investing in SEO web content, Social media content for your business marketing needs. There is no doubt that content marketing is right now the easiest way of driving website traffic.

Right here on this site our mission is to help you create amazing SEO web content that will help you drive website traffic, increasing brand visibility and improve lead conversions.

Click here to get a free quote right now.

So, what do you think, would you rather spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to drive search engine traffic or you will you invest on free tactics like SEO? Share your thoughts with us in your comments below.


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